Course of Russian as a foreign language

Please, read Admission Procedure for the Preparatory Course at SSTU.

Department of Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication at SSTU provides Russian language courses for foreign students of any age and any level of proficiency in Russian – from beginner to advanced. The Russian language courses are provided all year round (during the academic year (September-May) and in summer (June-August). The minimum course duration is 4 weeks during the academic year and 3 weeks during the summer period.

Upon arrival at the University students are given an entrance test to determine their level of proficiency in Russian. Then the students are divided into groups according to the test results, duration of stay and objectives. The number of students in the group is from 5 to 10. An individual course (face to face) is also available. The classes are held 4 days a week (20 contact hours a week).

The main objective of the course is to create and develop the students’ practical Russian language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). Our courses provide practical classes in Russian Phonetics, Intonation, Vocabulary and Grammar as well as classes aimed at developing and improving the students’ communication skills. Students are also given lessons in Russian Culture, Russian Society and History of Russian Art. After finishing a course, students are given a certificate from Samara State Technical University with the information about the course taken.

To apply for the course you need:

  • a filled in Application Form
  • a copy of the 1st page of the passport (the copy may be scanned and sent by e-mail or fax)

Our teachers

Our teachers are highly qualified and experienced native speakers of Russian (at least 5 years of experience teaching Russian as a foreign language). The teachers have special certificates that allow them to act as examiners at certification exams of all kinds and levels.

Testing of Russian as a foreign language

If students want to pass certificated state exams they have to pay extra (the examination fee is the same throughout Russia). SSTU provides a certification testing of Russian as a foreign language (RFL) in accordance with the state standards:

  • testing of all levels of RFL: A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2; ( Level B1 is compulsory for entering Russian Universities)
  • testing of Russian as a foreign language for getting the citizenship of the Russian Federation;
  • testing of Russian, Russian history and basic Russian Law for getting a residency permit, a temporary residency permit and a work permit/patent;
  • lessons to get ready for certification examinations.

Samara State Technical University organizes students’ study and stay in Russia. We issue invitations for student visas, provide assistance in finding accommodation, meeting at the airport, as well as helping to solve all sorts of other problems that may arise during your stay in Samara. Russia has already become a second home to many of our students.

Contact person details

8 (846) 278-44-54

You can check your level of Russian with our online tests for elementary, intermediate, and advanced learners.

Level A1-C2