Be a volunteer


  • Stage 1: Please carefully read all the materials that you received in the international relations office. Read also the information on the website and in the VK group
  • Stage 2: You independently select a project from the database on the website, from 3 to 8 pieces and fill in online application (for this you’ll need to follow the link «Choose a project» on the main page of the site. This year there are two bases, so that there is a greater choice of projects for volunteers.

Then you sign an application for joining the W4U organization (in 1 copy) and Participant’s commitment note (in 2 copies). One copy remains with you; you give the second copy to the international relations office. Your participation in a project is decidedby a foreign organization that organizes the camp, so W4U cannot promise that you’ll get into the project you really want!

  • Stage 3: You come to the international relations office for an interview to find out your motivation to participate in the project and see your language level.

You must bring following documents:

  1. Valid International Passport
  2. Russian passport
  3. List of selected projects (camp code, name, country and dates)
  4. Written motivational letter in English (1 paragraph), that answers the question «Why do I want to participate in volunteer projects»
  5. Be willing to pay a membership fee (about 6900 rubles. for 1 project).
  • Stage 4: The international relations office staff will send your package of documents to the W4U organization.

The registration process for you is done.

Preparing for departure

After receiving a placement confirmation in the project, you’ll need to start planning a trip, booking tickets, as well as preparing visa documents.

Getting a visa:

You’re applying for a visa independently. In accordance with the information on the website of the embassy of the respective country, it is necessary to decide whether your personal presence at the embassy is necessary (in this case, you’ll need to plan for this time and additional expenses), and you also need an original or a copy of the invitation from the foreign volunteer organization when applying for a visa. The original invitation comes by mail to World4u office within 2-4 weeks.

ATTENTION: World4U and the international relations office are not responsible for the actions of Consular services and Embassies considering documents on granting a visa.

The road to the project site:

After receiving the visa, you need to buy the reserved tickets, and get Informational list – instructions on how to get to the project, prepared by the host country.

ATTENTION: some Informational lists contain a «confirmation slip» to confirm participation, which must be filled out and sent to the host country. If you do not do this, your participation in the project will be canceled!

Good luck!