Social and recreational facilities

Social life at SSTU is very dynamic and diverse. You can find a Student Club according to your interests or hobbies.

Student clubs:

  1. Military-patriotic club «Tayfoon»
  2. Student detachment policing «Vector»
  3. Volunteering
  4. Student labour groups
  5. Student Council
  6. The Student Union Committee
  7. Environmental Club «ECO»
  8. The literary club
  9. Club «Philosophy of movies»
  10. Spiritual and Educational Center

You are talented and full of energy? Then join our creative groups:
Student TV SSTU- Polytech-TV, video studio «KZ», vocal studio, Club of the Funny and Inventive, Student Theatre of Pop Sketches, vocal and instrumental studio, contemporary dance, SSTU Student Theatre, club «Experts», studio of technical creativity, choral studio, the studio of journalism, audio-visual creativity.

Beauty contest at Samara Polytech