Samara Polytech engineering works, services, and expertise

Ecology, Environment Preservation
  • Engineering surveys, design, and financial plan for building, reconstruction, re-equipment and liquidation:
    • technological units, linear structures, petrochemical facilities, including preparing construction sites
    • neutralization and utilization of wastes of various origins, including petrochemical wastes
    • hydraulic structures (classes II-IV) and facilities for the placement of liquid and pasty waste (silt and sludge reservoirs, buffer ponds)
  • Technological regulations design and technical assistance for the disposal of petrochemical waste, oil production, oil refining, including production of secondary resource components
  • Comprehensive surveys and monitoring of environmental components quality of areal and linear objects
  • Development of environmental permits for operation of industrial enterprises approved by supervising authorities
  • Development of projects for water use, sanitary protection zone, and monitoring approved by supervising authorities
  • Examination of project documentation for conservation, liquidation of a hazardous production facility
  • Conducting an industrial safety review of documentation for the technical re-equipment of a hazardous production facility
  • Conducting an industrial safety review of technical devices used at a hazardous production facility
  • Examination of industrial safety of buildings and structures at a hazardous production facility intended for the implementation of technological processes, storage of raw materials or products, transportation of people and goods, locating and eliminating the consequences of accidents
  • Technological solutions (including patents and approvals) for technologies and equipment for environmental protection
  • Laboratory and analytical support in environmental protection, including: inventory check of sources of waste generation, effluents, emissions, measurements and laboratory tests in laboratory, certification, experimental research and development of new methods for studying the composition
  • Quality assessment of environment in a specific location for a private customer, including: radiation levels (alpha, beta, gamma radiation, radon concentration), electromagnetic radiation (power frequencies and microwave radiation), noise pollution and vibration levels, soil pollution levels, water quality
  • Expert support for all services, including specialists’ statements in the court of law
Metallurgy, Metals and Alloys, Foundry
  • Research: machines and technologies for foundry production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, resource and energy saving in foundry production, automation in metallurgy, structure and properties of metal melts, secondary resources in metallurgy, recycling of metals and alloys, additive manufacturing technologies in mechanical engineering, welding and laser-plasma technologies in mechanical engineering
  • Production of microcrystalline modifiers and solders
  • Production of model equipment, models and castings using additive technologies
  • Artistic, decorative and restoration casting
  • Environment friendly technologies design for melts preparation for casting using physical processing methods
  • Development of technologies for welding, surfacing, hardening of metal products using concentrated energy flows
  • Technological audits in production of aluminum castings
Electrical and Power Engineering
  • Calculation of dynamic stability of 6-10 kV generators of power centers of autonomous power supply systems
  • Registration of electrical load of typical urban consumers
  • Reducing consumption of electrical energy. Determination of the center of electrical loads for a specified urban location
  • Design of information system for monitoring parameters of electrical load of consumers for housing and communal services
  • Development of technical solutions to prevent damage to measuring voltage transformers from ferroresonance
  • Calculations for the selection of inverters for solar power plants with a capacity under 100 kW
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Power frequency overvoltage test 50 Hz
  • Checking operation of automatic switches and contactors at reduced and rated operating current voltages
  • Checking residual current devices, and differential current switches
  • Checking elements of grounding device
  • Checking circuit between ground electrodes and grounded elements
  • Checking condition of breakdown fuses in electrical installations under 1 kV
  • Checking the phase-zero circuit in electrical installations under 1 kV with a TN system
  • Measuring resistance of grounding devices
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Generator load test
  • Calculation of automatic frequency unloading for power centers of autonomous 6-35 kV power supply systems
  • Development of electromechanical devices and converters for various industries, vehicles, special devices and household
  • Development of energy-saving measures for pumping and ventilation installations in housing and communal services, and industry
  • Design of motor vehicle electrical equipment and its electronic systems
  • Advisory work on design of electric vehicles, traction converters and power supplies
  • Testing of vehicle electrical equipment and electronics for compliance with standards, including certification
  • Motor vehicle technical expertise (including at the request of legal agencies)
  • Diagnostics of electrical equipment of vehicles
  • Maintenance of electrical equipment of vehicles
  • Advanced training courses or programs of additional professional education in relevant areas
  • Design of networks of internal and external 0.4 kV power supply: design of external power supply, cable lines and overhead lines – 0.4 kV, transformer substations – 6 (10) / 0.4 kV, design internal 0.4 kV power supply for various purposes
  • Design in stages: survey, preparation of customer specifications, preparation of basic technical solutions, design, design documentation and working documentation
Electronics (Microelectronics, Radioelectronics, Industrial Electronics)
  • Preparation of documentation for electronic products (licensing, certification, production initiation)
  • Design of information and measuring units in various areas
  • Creation of prototypes of electronics, small-scale production
  • Design and assembly of control cabinets
  • Diagnostics, repair, commissioning of industrial electronics
  • Microcontroller programming and software development
  • Design of plastic cases of varying complexity
  • Design of frequency converters
  • Design of motor soft starters
  • Services in radio electronics
Thermal Power Engineering (Energy Efficiency Technologies)
  • Heat supply scheme design for settlements and industrial enterprises
  • Pre-project survey of systems for generation, distribution and consumption of thermal energy in order to improve energy efficiency according to heat supply sources, including pre-project work on heat supply systems
  • Analysis and study of automatic combustion control system and operation mode of boiler house, and compilation of overall heat balance
  • Calculation of losses and reduction of fuel and energy balance of boiler house, including analysis of regime charts of boiler equipment, inspection of the electrical equipment of boiler house, analysis of flue gases, inspection of auxiliary boiler equipment, analysis of the thermal scheme of the boiler house, analysis of the operation of the deaerator
  • Full report on survey and energy audit, assessment of energy losses of boiler house, services for modernization / reconstruction / reduce of operating costs / replacing equipment / switch to Block-modular boiler house, including assessment of energy saving potential, business calculation for measures and payback period forecast, boiler house modernization planning, assessment of environmental benefits
  • Energy audit
  • Design of heat and mass transfer equipment
  • Creation of "Digital twins" of power equipment
  • Laser scanning
  • Start-up and adjustment, testing of various power equipment
  • Automation of heating points, including new wireless technologies of "Smart Home Technologies"
  • Design and installation of standard heat substations in various types of multi-apartment residential building
Food Industry
  • Assessment of technologies, recipes, and production of: bakery bread, pasta, confectionery, chocolate products, vegetable oils, products, their processing, mayonnaise, sauces, juices, mineral water, kvass, lemonades and soft drinks, strong alcoholic drinks, cider, wine, champagne, milk and dairy products, beer, spreads, cosmetics, perfumes
  • Assessment of technologies, formulations, production of pharmaceutical products
  • Expertise of technologies and processes in ecology and ecological biotechnology
  • Development and implementation of food safety management systems based on the principles of HACCP and ISO 22000
  • Corporate and individual professional retraining and advanced training in expertise
  • Standardization and certification of food products
Architecture and Design

Industrial Design:

  • Development of commercial look of industrial and graphic products
  • Development of instrument cases
  • Development of furniture
  • Design and manufacture of packaging
  • Production of layouts, industrial samples and prototypes
  • Creation of digital drawings and preparation of a set of design estimates

Graphic design:

  • Design of corporate identity and brand book
  • Design of logos and trademarks
  • Design of promotional materials
  • Design of landing pages, websites and application interfaces
  • Design of electronic fonts for operating systems
  • Preparation of layouts for printed products
  • Creation and dubbing of videos
  • Prototyping websites, interactive applications and 3D presentations

Computer modeling:

  • Creation of three-dimensional computer models of any complexity
  • Animation of 3D computer models
  • Digital sculpting
  • Digital sketching
  • Rigging computer models and characters


  • Photorealistic and conceptual rendering of computer models
  • Cutting layout materials on a CNC milling and engraving machine
  • 3D printing of mock-up parts on FDM and SLA 3D printers
  • Printing layouts of printed products
  • Manual production, assembly and packaging of layouts

Clothing modeling:

  • Design documentation for clothing (technical drawings, pattern drawings, layouts, convection maps, etc.)
  • 3D visualization of clothing models
Design and construction
  • Information modeling in construction (BIM):
    • Design of information model of buildings and structures
    • Design of individual sections of project documentation based on information model
    • Digitization of CAD drawings
    • information model-based scheduling
  • Development of organizational and technological documentation for capital construction facilities (residential and public buildings), linear facilities (including main pipelines), oil and gas facilities (refinery, field development) and electric power industry (transformer substation, power lines), waste sorting plants and solid waste landfills:
    • Construction project
    • Project for the organization of demolition or dismantling of capital construction projects
    • Restoration project
    • Overhaul project
    • Work plan
    • Technological maps for specified types of work
Tests, examinations in construction and building materials


  • Diagnostics of actual technical condition of building structures
  • Determination of physical and mechanical properties of materials by a non-destructive method and in laboratory conditions
  • Verification calculations of building structures
  • Assessment of actual state of the stress-strain state of structures
  • Development of methods for strengthening or restoring the bearing capacity of structures
  • Testing building materials, products and structures, including certification and declaration (certificate of accreditation of rosaccreditation no. Ross ru.9001.22sl39): plastics; heat-insulating and sound-proof materials; glass; clay raw materials, concrete, mortar; crushed stone; sand; expanded clay; asphalt concrete mixtures; building lime; gypsum; dry mixes; mineral powders; paints and varnishes; polymeric materials, brick; steel and aluminum structures, reinforced concrete structures, reinforcing products and welded joints; wall blocks; window blocks and doors; double-glazed windows; sandwich panels; reinforced concrete slabs and panels; elements of building frames, walls, anchor connections, etc.
  • Chemical analysis of building materials
  • Non-destructive testing of concrete strength: separation with chipping, shock-pulse method, ultrasonic method
  • Determination of sound insulation of building structures: in natural conditions and in laboratory conditions in an acoustic chamber (fragments of enclosing structures, partitions, window and door blocks, double-glazed windows, soundproof materials and structures, noise screens, etc.)
  • Determination of thermal properties of building materials and structures: thermal conductivity of the material, heat transfer resistance (fragments of building envelopes, partitions, window and door blocks, double-glazed windows, heat-insulating materials and structures, etc.)
  • Examination of translucent structures: facade systems, stained-glass windows, partitions, window blocks, double-glazed windows, etc.
  • Field testing of structures
  • Testing of prototypes when putting industrial products into production
  • Testing of mass-produced building products
  • Quality control of construction products, materials and structures
  • Performance of forensic examinations in construction
  • Specialized tests: climatic tests: high and low temperature, high humidity and low pressure (vacuum) tests, static loading tests, cyclic load tests, seismic stability tests, remote monitoring of structures, high-precision measurements of the geometry of complex objects, reverse engineering, creation of mathematical models
VR (AR) solutions for various industries
  • Development and provision of simulation VR (AR) solutions as part of training, retraining, advanced training of citizens for technical professions
  • Development and provision of simulation VR (AR) solutions for practical application in various production situations (including oil, gas, transport, and other sectors of economy)
  • Development and provision of simulation VR (AR) solutions as part of training in actions in various emergencies
Polymers, Composite materials, Elastomers
  • Tensile testing of polymeric, rubber materials according to GOST 11262-2017; GOST 270-75
  • Testing of polymeric, rubber materials for compression according to GOST 4651-2014; GOST ISO 7743-2013
  • Testing of polymeric materials for abrasive wear according to GOST 11012-2017
  • Testing of polymeric materials for impact strength according to GOST 4647-2015
  • Testing of polymeric materials to determine the melt flow rate according to GOST 11645-73
  • Preparing test specimens
  • Test for chemical resistance of polymeric, rubber materials
  • Polymer Viscosity Test
  • Testing of polymeric, rubber materials to determine the deformation heat capacity and softening temperature according to Vicat GOST 15088-2014
  • Testing of polymeric materials for heat shrinkage ASTM D2732
  • Examination of polymeric materials and products
  • Determination of density of granular polymeric materials GOST 15139-69 (ST SEV 891-78)
  • Determination of resistance of plastics to action of chemical environments GOST 12020-2018 (ISO 175:2010)
  • Determination of water absorption of plastics GOST 4650-2014 (ISO 62:2008)
  • Determination of shrinkage during molding ISO 2577 (ASTM D955)
  • Judicial and pre-trial technical expertise in plastics processing
Technical expertise, advice in legal disputes
  • Oil and gas profile expertise
  • Determination of the compliance of technical characteristics of the building structures with the requirements of regulatory and design documentation
  • Determination of the volume and quality assessment of the actual work performed, determination of defects and damage to building structures
  • Examination of building materials
  • Examination of the road surface
  • Examination of glass, window blocks, double-glazed windows, other translucent structures
  • Determination of the soundproofing properties of enclosing structures, soundproof screens
  • Expertise (consultations) on technological issues of processing polymers, composite materials, energy materials, gunpowder and mixed solid rocket fuel, as well as the quality of the materials and products themselves
  • Consultations on the current legislation of the Russian Federation in environmental protection and nature management
  • Laboratory and analytical work on the identification and determination of the quantitative composition of various types of waste and contaminated materials
  • Localization and assessment of volumes of contaminated materials
  • Environmental damage assessment
  • Preparation of materials for presentation as expert opinions and expert opinions
Additive technologies, prototyping and reverse engineering

Device Engineering:

  • Detail and parts scanning
  • Industrial Design
  • Development of structures, selection of components, preparation of drawings
  • Manufacturing and fine-tuning of prototypes
  • Manufacture of individual case products, structural elements (piece and small-scale production)

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Detail and parts scanning
  • Reverse engineering
  • Design of 3D assembly models and individual parts
  • Drawing development
  • Production of parts from functional materials (piece and small-scale production)
  • Production of presentation layouts

Civil Engineering:

  • Creation of 3D models of buildings, residential premises and related infrastructure.
  • Production of presentation layouts by 3D printing
  • Industrial Design


  • Development of the design of instruments and devices
  • Selection of components
  • Making drawings
  • Manufacture of case products, structural elements (piece and small-scale production)
  • Prototyping of implants and prostheses

Car repair and tuning:

  • Manufacture and restoration of defective hull, mechanical and fasteners
  • Development and production of individual components of mechanical units, decorative and functional elements

Development of structures, selection of components, preparation of drawings Advertising and souvenir products:

  • Design and manufacture of products according to individual sketches
  • Production of parts for advertising structures
  • 3D modeling

Interior design:

  • Development and production of decorative, structural and functional elements
  • Selection of components, preparation of drawings
  • Manufacture of final products (piece and small-scale production)

Decorative designs:

  • Development and production of art installations and elements of exhibition structures
  • Selection of components, preparation of drawings
  • Manufacture of case products, structural elements (piece and small-scale production)

Individual design:

  • Development of individual products for functional and decorative purposes
  • Design development, selection of components, design drawings
  • Manufacture of case products, structural elements (piece and small-scale production)
Chemical industry
  • determining the dynamic viscosity of crude oil and field oil emulsion
  • determination
  • volume analysis of hydrogen sulfide in gas by chromatographic method
  • determination of the effectiveness of Heavy oil deposites, asphaltene sediments inhibitor reagents by the "cold rod" method
  • Analytical work for production of chemical products and polymers
  • Gas chromatographic analysis of gases
  • Consulting in the analysis of complex experimental data
  • Elemental analysis using atomic absorption spectroscopy
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of various samples using classical and instrumental methods
  • Analysis of complex experimental data, construction of calibration and classification models
  • Development of optical systems for the analysis of technological processes in real time