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The aim of Samara Polytech International Relations Office is participation in internationalization processes of higher education to forward Education Programs and scientific and technical production to foreign markets for goods and services.

In general, the international activity of Samara Polytech is aimed at ensuring its integration into the international university community, obtaining additional opportunities for accelerated development within the framework of:

  • academic student exchange programs;
  • teacher exchange programs;
  • creating joint educational programs;
  • exchange of educational products;
  • participation in joint research grants.

Priorities for the activities of International Relations Office are:

  • Planning and organization of international cooperation of Samara Polytech with educational institutions and foreign organizations in the framework of signed agreements and cooperation agreements;
  • Drawing up and agreeing on draft treaties with foreign and Russian partners (universities, foundations, associations) and individuals concerned in international activities;
  • Coordination of the work of Samara Polytech’s faculties and departments on planning and organizing events in the framework of international cooperation;
  • Work underthe student and pedagogical exchange programs in foreign educational institutions (studies, internships, work);
  • Comprehensive support of research activities within higher education institutions of Samara Polytech in the field of: international activities, scientific contacts of Samara Polytech with foreign colleagues, scientific exchanges and internships, participation in international scientific programs, conferences, seminars, internships in the countries of near and far abroad;
  • Coordination of deadlines for admission of foreign experts, delegations and students, drawing up programs for their admission, work with the FMS;
  • Participation in international programs (including charity, volunteer, etc.);
  • Development of cooperation and interaction programs with educational institutions of the near and far abroad.

In recent years, the university has participated in major international programs:

  • 7 projects under the program of the European Union TEMPUS;
  • annual internships for teachers and students in the framework of the academic exchange program DAAD;
  • active participation in the implementation of the Fulbright program in Russia.