Samara Polytech Brand

Sign. The new status of the University and the expansion of its communication needs have set new challenges. Another language was needed, which the University should speak. It was a new corporate identity of the University, which reflects the vectors of development of the Flagship University and its values.

Scale. The logo contains a symbol of the planetary system, which conveys the scale of the Samara Polytech. The planets on the lines in the logo indicate the key directions of the University. The United Flagship University is the center of attraction of science and innovation in the region.

Geography, support. The logo reflects the geographical silhouette of the Samara region, in the center of which – Samara Polytech as a socio-economic support of the region.

Uniqueness. The lines signify the uniqueness of the Samara Polytech– with its hundred-year history, traditions and resemble the shape of a fingerprint – as a symbol of an individual identifier, they testify to the achievements and ambitious plans.