Samara Polytech and Kadiri University Run Lecture Exchange
Series of lectures by Samara Polytech and Kadiri University gathered more than 250 attendees
Samara Polytech VR Techs Displayed at World Youth Festival 2024
Samara Polytech introduced VR technologies designed for easy-learning
Symphony of Wisdom and Inspiration
Lecturers of the Computer Science Department of Samara State Technical University provided a 6-days training course on "Emergent Intelligence" in National Institute of Technology (India)
Samara Polytech Enter UI GreenMetric Ranking
The results of Annual Global Ranking of Sustainable Development by UI GreenMetric have been published
Samara Polytech in the world university rankings
The results of three global studies of universities were announced
Samara Polytech Invite Arab Professor
Samara Polytech provides Culture lectures for Arab students
Samara Polytech in Egypt
On November 13th and 17th, an educational exhibition of Russian universities was held in Cairo and Alexandria, organized by Rossotrudnichestvo in Egypt
Samara Polytech On Science Path
Samara Polytech Introduced new Developments and Education Techniques
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