Press Releases

An ancient boat was found near Samara
Samara Polytech scientists conducted a preliminary survey of a medieval ship
Scientists of the Samara Polytech sinter lunar soil in a microwave
Making bricks from a lunar soil simulator takes 40 minutes
The first metal-organic coordination polymers were synthesized at the Samara Polytech
The resulting nanostructured materials have unique properties
Scientists from Samara Polytech Learned to Control the Oil Lens
New method will ensure environmental safety in oil production
Samara scientists invented an edible packaging made of Russian apples
The edible films created by Samara Polytech scientists consist of only natural ingredients
Scientists of the Samara Polytech have developed a new method for wells designing
The unique way involves the construction of 1-3-4D geomechanical models
Samara Scientists Create a Digital Dynamic Model of Cardiovascular System
Researchers work within the framework of Samara Polytech interdisciplinary project team
Scientists from Samara Polytech developed Oceanologist robot
The water-air flotilla of robots is formed for the sea area monitoring
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