Established in 1914 Samara Polytech (Samara State Technical University, SSTU) is committed to the purity of science, research and innovation. SSTU is one of the oldest universities in the Volga region, Russia. It has a very long and rich history. Samara Polytech nowadays is the biggest research and educational center of the region. It has obtained a prestigious status of the Flagship University in 2016. At the moment we prepare specialists in the following fields: energy, oil and gas, chemistry and petrochemistry, mechanical engineering, transportation, food production, defense industry, information technology, mechanical and automotive engineering, engineering systems administration and automation, material science and metallurgy, biotechnology, industrial ecology, architecture, civil engineering and design.

The University is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation to implement the educational activity in the field of higher education (License № 1938 from 17 February 2016). The University is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (State Accreditation Certificate № 1676 from 22 January 2016).

University alumni successfully put into practice acquired knowledge. SSTU graduates are highly valued at the labour market. Our university alumni hold positions of Samara enterprises and organizations administration.

There are 8 faculties, 2 institutes and 1 academy:

  • Architecture and Civil Engineering Academy
  • Automation and Information Technology Institute
  • Institute of Social and Human Sciences and Technologies
  • Food Production Technologies Faculty
  • Petroleum Engineering Faculty
  • Chemical Engineering Faculty
  • Engineering and Technology Faculty
  • Engineering Economics Faculty
  • Heat Power Engineering Faculty
  • Electrical Engineering Faculty
  • Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgy and Transport Faculty

Education is conducted in 24 integrated groups of specialties and areas of training (about 84 degree programs including Bachelor, Master Programs and 21 PhD Programs). The overall number of students is 18396, and 562 of them are international. Total number of teaching staff is 1394, 744 of them have PhD degrees (Candidates of Science) and 181 are Doctors of Science. All the degrees offered have been designed to provide students with professional knowledge and skills. All the programs aim towards the development of theoretical and practical skills.

SSTU’s educational, scientific and social infrastructure is quite developed. Nowadays the University embraces 3 main campuses, 17 educational buildings, 8 dormitories, more than 50 research centers, 2 sport complexes and 3 recreation centres. More than 1250 students live in university dormitories which are situated in the center of the city and equipped with everything needed for students’ life.