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Samara Polytech is one of the leading universities in the Middle Volga region. We implement multi-level educational system (bachelor's - master's - postgraduate studies) in a wide range of areas and profiles for all industries in the region. In 2016, a new format for teaching excellent students was introduced at the Samara Polytech - as part of interdisciplinary project teams formed according to the principle of selecting competencies for solving specific scientific, technical and engineering problems.

The advantage of the University is the scientific approach to education. All students are involved to participate in real research and development projects.

Samara Polytech has the opportunity to teach students on postgraduate level. Training of postgraduate students at SSTU is carried out in 21 Academic programs (55 specializations) in the field of physical and mathematical, chemical, biological, technical, economic, philosophical, philological and pedagogical sciences.

The activity of the University staff is aimed at the development and modernization of Samara Polytech as a new type of university - a leader in education, interdisciplinary research and of international standard innovations. We guarantee a quality education to every student!