Academic Mobility

Academic mobility of foreign students and specialists

  1. The main form of implementation of academic mobility of foreign students is inter-university cooperation.
  2. The basis for considering the issue of inviting foreign students for the implementation of individual academic mobility is a questionnaire-application form, received no later than 3 months before the start of the next semester.
  3. The decision on inviting a foreign student to the University within the framework of academic mobility is taken by the university’s rector’s office if the following documents are available: application forms, copies of passports, information about the education received before, issued in accordance with European requirements, the faculty's application for admission of a foreign student, and free beds in the dormitory.
  4. Tuition is set in proportion to the complexity of the curriculum at the rate of 30 academic credits ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) per semester.
  5. Foreign specialists may be invited to the University for up to 5 months for scientific work and lecturing as part of academic mobility.
  6. The announcement of the admission of students in accordance with the terms of the competitive program or agreement on mobility is carried out by the academic coordinator at the faculty by posting information on the University portal in Russian and foreign languages.
  7. The information should indicate the disciplines offered for study, the period for submitting an application, the mandatory conditions that must be fulfilled in this case for enrollment, as well as a sample application form, which is available online.
  8. If the application is approved, the receiving faculty of the university informs the applicants and the relevant universities about the decision. The Office of International Cooperation of the University provides visa support. Applicants are also sent all the necessary information (name and position of the responsible officer, telephone numbers, fax, e-mail address), the procedure for registration at the University, general information about the university.
  9. Questions of residence, stay and medical insurance of mobile students and specialists are solved in accordance with the procedure established by the university.
  10. Certification of the completed training is carried out in accordance with the procedure established by the university administration and sends duly issued academic certificates of academic performance (transcripts) to both students and authorized bodies of universities that sent them for university studies.