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Extensive scientific infrastructure

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Effective cooperation with industrial partners

In 2017 R&D was 543 million rubles including 350 million rubles for economic contracts on request of different enterprises.

University innovation (2017)

  • Modernization of technological product lines of isoprene rubber within the framework of technical re-equipment of SIBUR enterprises
  • Enhanced oil recovery at the wells of the Samara and Orenburg regions
  • The development of cooperation between Samara State Technical Universityand the enterprises of the United Engine Corporation
  • Industrial testing at the Vankor field of the technology of using drill cuttings as raw materials in the recultivation of disturbed land, dumping roads, dumping area objects
  • Creation of designs of operational components and new models of energy-saturated materials and products for military use («Component-U», «Seer-2050»)
  • Recipes and production technology of the foundation of synthetic hydraulic oils PH-RCM-7, PH-RCM-10 for rocket and space technology
  • Technologies to restore products of cultural and historical heritage and engineering use with the application of casting technologies, additive technologies and reverse engineering
  • Technical re-equipment of enterprises, development and introduction of modern technological processes of metal processing on the basis of the engineering center of the Samara State Technical University «Technologies of efficient production» (in conjunction with «Aviaagregat» JSC)

Publication activities

Number and level of publications in the Web of Science and Scopus citation systems

Numbers 2015 2016 2017
Publicationsof the Web of Science: 153 219 281
Publications of the Scopus: 195 298 335
Publications of the Russian Science Citation Index: 3178 3255 2642
Citing publications published for 5 full years in scientific periodicals, indexed in the Web of Science database 1685 1726 1537
Citing publications published for 5 full years in scientific periodicals, indexed in the Scopus database 2299 2411 2231
Citing publications published for 5 full years in scientific periodicals, indexed in the Russian Science Citation Indexdatabase 22586 21071 17354

Publications of the Web of Science by branches of knowledge (2017)

Publications of the Scopus by branches of knowledge (2017)

Promotion and popularization of development (2017)

Participation in 15 scientific and technical exhibitions: 92 exhibits, 52 diplomas.

50 scientific and technical events were held. The most significant:

  • The 9th International Forum «Urban Growth and Heritage Conservation along the Eurasian Corridor (Silk Road)»
  • 6th International Ecological Congress ELPIT-2017
  • VII International Festival of architectural and design schools of Eurasia
  • International Scientific and Technical Conference «Energy through the eyes of youth»
  • International Conference «High-Rise Construction 2017»

Practice actively promoting innovation in the media. A popular science lecture center of leading scientists of Samara State Technical University is open on the channel of the university on YouTube.

Top 5 topics:

  1. Flexible space mirror
  2. The development of organic chemists
  3. Edible packaging and «dry» yogurt
  4. Restoration using 3D printing
  5. Heliolithographic laboratory and larifuga

Regional media - 160 publications:

  • Printed: Komsomolskaya Pravda, Volga Commune, Samara Newspaper, Komsomolskaya Pravda in Samara, AiF
  • Television: Samara-GIS, TRK Guberniya, TRK Skat, TRK Terra
  • Internet media:,, online magazine «Other City», Volga News, SamRU, Territory.Samara, NIA Samara, CityTraffic,, Big Village.

Federal media - 76 publications:

  • Printed: RossiyskayaGazeta, Forbes, Izvestia, Arguments of the Week
  • Телевидение: Россия 1, Россия 24, Звезда, МИР, Страна, НАУКА, Russia Today.Television: Russia 1, Russia 24, Star, WORLD, Country, SCIENCE, Russia Today
  • Internet media: Open Science, MIA MIR, 4science, NationNews, TASS, Attic Research and Education Portal, IA REGNUM, Smart Russia, RIA Novosti, RusBase, N + 1

Foreign media - 15 publications:

  • Daily Mail;
  • RT (Spain, India, Germany, France);
  • Sputnik (Germany, France);
  • Canal 6 Posadas (Argentina)
  • Azad News
  • Agency (ANA) (Iran, India);
  • US News (USA).

Filed 57 applications for intellectual property.

64 patents received, including US patent.

5 licensing agreements for the transfer of intellectual property have been concluded.

The presentation catalog «Scientific developments of Samara State Technical University» (circulation of 325 copies) was formed and published.

Key initiatives for the formation of regional projects

  • The project: «Creating a system for sustainable improvement of the quality of life of the population based on knowledge-intensive environmental, pharmaceutical and food technologies»
  • The project: «Creation of a gas chemical complex in the Samara region»
  • The project: «Pectin Production Plant»
  • The project: «Creation of a regional center of competence for master-planning and design of the urban environment and the formation of organizational and technical plans for its implementation»

In 2017, Samara State Technical University initiated the creation of a resource support center in the region for creating innovations and technologies of the future. As a result, by the decision of the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Samara Region, the reference university became the leading operator and coordinator of the IT database «Tekhresurs» - a «single window» for enterprises of key industries in the region.