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Mission Statement

  • Samara Polytech is committed to the purity of science, research and innovation
  • The success of the individual student is at the forefront of our global and domestic agenda
  • Our Aim is to facilitate market needs in the areas which we specialize with students equipped with directly applicable skills
Samara Polytech is one of the oldest universities in the Volga region. SSTU nowadays is the biggest research and educational center of the region
Dmitry E. Bykov,
Samara Polytech is a landmark university for the Samara region. The labor market requires experienced workers and engineers who graduate from Samara Polytech. I am proud that science is developing, enrollment of applicants is increasing, teachers receive a respectable salary. Under current conditions, interest to our university is increasing every day, since the ideas that emerged at Samara State Technical University are developing into technologies for the production of import substitution products, for alternative energy, for solving environmental problems. The most important thing is to serve the people, the university, and then everything will work out! Rector’s page


Eric Brisset, «Elektroshchit Samara» Group President:

— The «Electroshield Samara» Group which is a part of «Schneider Electric» company, has a long history of cooperation with Samara State Technical University. We are very proud that the graduates of the oldest Samara university choose our company as a place of work. We are glad to make our modest contribution into the maintenance of the high quality of education at SSTU. I think I won’t be exaggerating to say that not only the prospects for the electrical industry development but also the economic well-being of the country largely depend on you, Russian academic elite.

Prof. Dr. Bernard Nacke, Director of ETP:

— The Institute of Electrotechnology (ETP) at Leibniz University Hannover is looking back to a very intensive and fruitful cooperation to meanwhile nearly 20 years with Samara State Technical University (SSTU). ETP is working in the field of Electrotechnologies and especially in the field of electromagnetic processing. The optimal design and optimal control of processes of Electrotechnology is one of the main research activities of ETP. Therefore, we are very happy to be able to cooperate with the groups, colleagues and students from SSTU. The support of SSTU is very important for us regarding the development of new optimization strategies and tools for the optimal design and the optimal control of process of Electrotechnology.

In this content I want to express my special thanks to Prof. Rapoport and Prof. Pleshivtseva. Beside that we are very happy to work together in important and successful international projects, especially I like to mention the TEMPUS projects we have carried out together, since the beginning of our cooperation. I am very sure that our cooperation will be as successful, or even improved, in the future.

Joel Nkangi, student:

— Studying at SSTU in itself is an experience of its own. Apart from being a historic university in this region, its one of the best of its kind in areas of Engineering, Chemistry and Physics, as its equipped with modern technology.
As a student here, you'll be equipped with the necessary skills required to face the demands of the current job market, and with the supportive staff who are at the same time working professionals in their respective fields, you're guaranteed to have the best information you'll ever need from experience after all, who else knows better how to teach a particular trade than a person working in that same trade.

Feel free to apply to this great university, the international office will always be there to help you through the process and when you arrive, with hard work and determination, you will enjoy the ride to success.

Ompatile Butale, student:

— It was a warm, autumn morning after a 14 hour long train ride from Novomoskovsk, when I first set foot on the land of Samara. My very first experience of Samara State Technical University was at the main building where I handed in my documents. It looked much better than it did when I liked it up on the internet, a beautiful, bright white, multi-storey building. In the office for international students, I was very surprised to meet people who spoke very good English. They are all very kind and helpful. Each time I enter the room they are always happy to see me. After we got my documents sorted out, one young lady from the office at the time kindly offered to drive us to my hostel in her own car, luggage and all!

I’ve made very good friends in the group and I am yet to make more. All my group-mates are intrigued and ask me questions about Africa and my country Botswana and how it’s like. I still do my best to answer all their questions. It would be nice if they could visit and tour the natural beauty of Botswana.

Every semester for three semesters, I attended English language conferences which I enjoyed very much. There is a wide variety of presentations by many bright students with a passion for learning and speaking English. It was also very interesting to listen to and learn from them, as well as from the special guests. In one of the conferences the special guest was a man from America. He made an interesting presentation about Education in America. In the last conference I attended the guest of honour was a Taiwanese lady who gave us an informative about the interesting aspects of the culture of Taiwan. These conferences were a great opportunity to talk about my country. I talked much about the education, engineering and about the culture of Botswana.

One of the greatest attractions in Samara is the Volga River. I remember learning about the Volga in geography class at school. It’s pretty amazing to actually see it live and have the opportunity to visit it regularly.

If you are planning to be a foreign student in SSTU my advice to you would be to study very hard and use this opportunity to learn something new. Do your best to try to understand what is being taught and how it can help you in future. It is easier to be motivated to study and finish projects on time if you know why you are doing it.

I am really happy to be studying in Samara State technical University. It is I wonderful experience I may even share with my grandchildren. I’m sure many other foreign students like me would want to experience this and so I urge them to enroll!

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