The brand of the SAMARA POLYTECH is a quality mark, recognized throughout the country. SAMARA POLYTECH today is the largest technopolis of the Volga region, which in 2014 celebrated its 100th anniversary. The whole era of the formation and development of engineering education and science of the Samara region and neighboring regions is connected precisely with our university.
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SAMARA POLYTECH today is a major scientific and educational center in the region, where specialists are trained for the energy, oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, engineering, transport, food, defense industries, information technology, instrument engineering, automation and control in technical systems, materials science and metallurgy, biotechnology, industrial ecology.

The list of basic vocational education programs of SAMARA POLYTECH includes programs of all levels of higher education, 24 enlarged groups of areas of study. The training of highly qualified personnel in graduate school is conducted in 21 areas. There are 7 dissertation councils in 17 specialties at the university.

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The formation of the university itself took place simultaneously with the development of domestic industry. Kuibyshev Industrial Institute has become a source of personnel for the emerging and rapidly developing chemicals, energy, engineering and metalworking, production, processing and transportation of oil and gas - the backbone industries that determine the economic development of the Samara region.

Today SAMARA POLYTECH is a basic platform for constructive interaction of a scientific school and industry. The close connection of the academic community with production, the solution of specific practical problems that practitioners put before scientists and teachers of the university, allowed to create a special environment. It is the integration of science, technology and engineering education. This makes it possible for a university to receive a clear understanding of the requirements for key competencies of a graduate from employers and quickly adjust educational programs, and the synthesis of technical, humanitarian and economic fields of knowledge in one university allows scientists to successfully apply fundamental knowledge to solve practical applied problems not only of industrial enterprises in the region.

Today's graduates of Samara Polytech

The SAMARA POLYTECH Golden Fund is proud of its graduates - Russian scientists, government officials, engineers, and heads of companies. Our graduates are valued at the enterprises of the petrochemical cluster of the Samara region, including the Novokuibyshevsky, Kuibyshevsky and Syzran refineries, Novokuibyshevsky petrochemical plant, «SamaraOrgsyntez», Samara and Novokuibyshev Catalysts Plants, Middle Volga Refining Research Institute, «Samaraneftechimproekt», Middle Volga gas company, «Samaraneftegeofizika», «TolyattiAzot», «KuibyshevAzot», «Tolyattikauchuk», etc.

They are proud of our machine builders at Aviaagregat, Volgaburmash, Tyazhmash, Special Bearing Plant, Samara Valve Plant, Middle Volga Machine-Tool Plant, Metalist-Samara, Samara Metallurgical Plant. And the power engineers at such major regional enterprises as Samaraenergo, Volga TGC, Electroshield Samara, IDGC-Volga, Samara State District Power Plant, Syzranskaya, Tolyatti, Novokuibyshevskaya and Samara TPP, Energotekhmontazh, Trunk Electric Networks, etc.

Dmitry Bykov
Worthy results of the university is first of all, the merit of our cohesive team. Our specialists are dedicated to their work and ideals of science, and they responsibly relate to the matter of national importance - the training of qualified personnel in higher education. We are proud of our employees, students, postgraduate students, graduates and veterans. SAMARA POLYTECH is a single, united family, and I am sure that over the years we will be able to preserve and increase the good reputation of our university.

Graduates of a technical university today occupy leading positions in large companies in the field of information and communication technologies, at enterprises of the military-industrial complex, in construction holdings. In other words, SAMARA POLYTECH is a guideline defining the vector of development of these industries in the Samara region and the Volga region.