Sport opportunities

SSTU students have great sport opportunities:

Sports complex (27, Lukacheva st). Includes 6 halls: boxing; shooting; martial arts hall; aerobics; game room; a small mirrors hall for the fitness aerobics.
Swimming Pool (29, st. Lukacheva). Large bath with 6 lanes of 25 m. Small bath for swimming training; two gyms.
Sports facilities of the main building, buildings № 1, 6, 8, gym № 1 (22, st. Vilonovskaya).
Ski center «Chayka».
The chess room (building number 8).

Moreover you can always join any of these sport clubs: track-and-field athletics, fencing, karate, powerlifting, weightlifting, fitness workouts, aerobics, judo, chess, basketball, volleyball, rowing, swimming, boxing, skiing, football, Ping-Pong, shooting.

We are proud of our students' sports achievements. Our students have won prizes in local, national and global sporting events.