Fresh for the Whole Month

08 Jul 2019

Russian scientists cultivated yogurt with a 30 days shelf life

Scientists of Samara Polytech (Samara State Technical University) have developed a freeze-dried yogurt in which lactobacilli can be preserved in a living state for up to a month. The project manager is Nadezhda Makarova, Professor of Food Technology and Catering Arrangement Department.

To produce the sublimated yoghurt Samara Polytech scientists first freeze the mixture in a dryer at -70 °C under vacuum. Then all the water is evaporated from the mixture while it is in the ice state. It is particularly important for the sublimation process to get rid of the moisture in the product bypassing the liquid phase. The whole process does not require any additional substances, and therefore allows to retain the original composition of the product.

This sublimated yogurt is considered to have a longer shelf life of about four weeks. However, the studies are ongoing and the actual shelf life may even exceed three months. It is proved that when storing yogurt under conditions of access to oxygen and light for one month, the amount of lactobacilli does not change. According to the scientists, the number of microorganisms in the original mixture remains the same, both after freeze-drying and within the whole period of shelf life.

Sublimated yogurt may become an excellent substitute for the regular liquid yogurt. The sublimation process does not affect the taste, and at the same time increases the shelf life. Its storage and preparation will not cause any inconveniences to consumers. Sublimated yogurt for breakfast or as a snack between workouts may be a perfect choice as all you need to do is to add some water and stir. Perhaps the next step will be the use of such yogurt not only for every day meals but also in extraordinary recipes and even as food for astronauts.

Samara Polytech is the flagship university of the Volga region. A special project team for food products engineering was organized at Food Technology and Catering Arrangement Department. Their developments include edible packaging, unique candy fillings and other technologies.