Samara Polytech Academics Meet The Union of Arab Researchers

04 May 2023

Online Meeting was held between Researchers from Jordan, Iraq and Russia

The Union of Arab Researchers - Russia for Scientific Research and Innovation held its first meeting on Thursday 04/05/2023 for scientific research, academic cooperation and innovation Headed by Prof. Takialddin Al Smadi, member of the teaching staff at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Jerash, Chairman of the editorial board of a number of international classified and refereed journals, editorial member of a number of international, refereed and classified engineering journals, member of the International Union of Non-Governmental Organizations "Eurasian Peoples' Assembly", ambassador of the Kazan National University for Technological Research in the Russian Federation.

A number of professors and researchers from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Iraq and the Russian Federation also participated in the meeting. Prof. Muhammad Al-Malkawi (University of Science and Technology), Prof.Ayman Sawalha (Jerash University), Prof. Bilal Zaqiba (Jadara University), and Dr. Yassin Al-Husban participated (Al-Israa University), Dr. Khaled Al-Smadi (Jadara University), Dr. Ahmed Handam (Al-Hussein Technical University), and Dr. Yahya Al-Smadi (University of Science and Technology).

From Iraq, Dr. Fayyad Muhammad Abd al-Dulaimi, Dean of the College of Engineering (University of Tikrit), Prof. Aziz Abdullah, College of Engineering of Tikrit University and Editor-in-Chief of the Tikrit Journal of Engineering, Prof. Khalaf Salloum, and Prof. Yusuf al-Mashhadani of University of Anbar and Editor-in-Chief of the Anbar Engineering Journal participated.

The group of Russian researchers from Samara Polytech was introduced by the Vice-Rector Anna S. Zotova.

The two sides discussed the most prominent areas through which cooperation can be achieved in order to develop scientific research and innovation through scientific research and joint projects in the fields of engineering and information technology.

The researchers reviewed the strategic vision of the Researchers Union Group, where the meeting dealt with several axes to move towards its application in the near future, namely globalization, classification, quality, creativity, labor market, social responsibility, management, and programs, in order to build bridges of cooperation and participation in international conferences and projects and support scientific research. Publication of research in international journals, classified and indexed.

The meeting also focused on joint postgraduate programs with international, regional and local universities, and finding academic exchange programs for professors and students that allow for the exchange of experiences and cooperation in the desired fields.