Samara Polytech and Kadiri University Run Lecture Exchange

15 Apr 2024

Series of lectures by Samara Polytech and Kadiri University gathered more than 250 attendees

ecently established relations between Samara Polytech and Kadiri University already resulted
in meaningful joint project. The two Universities agreed to announce an official start of joint
lectures in March 2024. Both Universities presented their brilliant professors for this task.
The first in a row of online-lectures covered the topic of “Fuzzy Logic Control in Intelligent
Control System” by Mr. Fachruddin Ari Setiawan, Kadiri University. Ms. Naufa Aulia Rahma
focused on Industrial Ecology, and Mr. Faiz Muhammad provided detailed information on
Environmental Engineering.

Samara Polytech continued the series of lectures. “Introduction to Supply Chain Management
and its Core Components” and “Supply Chain Management in Foreign Trade and Advanced
Concepts” were delivered by Prof. Roman Fedorenko. Prof. Andrey Vasiliev revealed in detail
“Classification of occupational health hazards”, and “Safe systems of work and Health and
safety risks assessment”.
Nevertheless lecturer exchange was a two-party agreement, students from Malang University
also joined the online-meetings. The overall number of students who attended the lectures
practically exceeded 300. Soon after the official end of the project the students are to receive