Samara Polytech and Petroleum Experts Limited have signed a Partnership Agreement

09 Mar 2022

The Cooperation will be aimed at training specialists in the oil and gas industry

Samara Polytech is actively introducing interactive technologies into educational programs, including in the field of oil and gas engineering and modeling of oil and gas production processes. In this regard, at the beginning of 2022, the university and Petroleum Experts Limited Corporation (Edinburgh, UK) signed a partnership agreement to donate educational licenses of the PETEX software product for 10 jobs (in the amount of 1,731,031.66 pounds). The Corporation's suite of Integrated Production Modeling (IPM) programs allows modeling of a complete oil production system from reservoir to surface facilities.

«The main strategic goal of our university is to generate a class of creative engineers,» says Anna Zotova, Vice-Rector of International Cooperation. “Therefore, the partnership agreement with the Petroleum Experts Limited Corporation has become for us the next stage in the process of combining the knowledge of universities and scientific organizations in order to unlock the intellectual and scientific and technical potential and develop new competencies of employees and students of our specialized divisions. Petroleum Experts software systems are well known in Russia and are used by leading oil and gas companies, and the company itself has been a market leader for more than eight years in a row.

By combining the PROSPER, GAP, PVTP, MBAL, REVEAL and RESOLVE programs, students and staff provided by Petroleum Experts Limited Corporation, students and staff of the Institute of Oil and Gas Technologies specialized department «Development and Operation of Oil and Gas Fields» will be able to create and analyze complex models of fields. Preliminary adaptation of reservoir models, wells and pipeline system according to available geological and field data will allow optimizing the entire system. In the future, the model can be used to predict oil production.