Samara Polytech Associate Professor Wins Grant to Teach at University of Texas

12 Aug 2022

Roman Isaev presents a brand new course

Roman Isaev, Associate Professor of the Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences and Humanities, conducts the author's course «Ontology of Sustainable Development: How to Change the World and Lose Nothing» for students of the University of Texas at Austin. This was made possible by a grant from the Fulbright Program.

– It is a trial course to bachelors of specialties related to sustainable development activities (programmers, architects, managers). This is a global trend," explains Roman. – The purpose of the course is to convey to students the technologies of thinking and activity that will help in the organization, management and management of new types of objects (sustainable cities and villages, biosphere reserves, urban agglomerations, etc.). In fact, the course is based on the methodological developments of Georgy Petrovich Shchedrovitsky, that is, I offer students not ideal schemes of objects, but practical ones, showing the relationship of positions in structures - corporations, social institutions, funds, and so on.

So far, the course is designed for one year, but the young teacher plans to turn it into a two-year master's program and adapt it to the Russian regulatory framework. It is important that the classes are held in a «live» format. In July, Roman's first business trip to America took place. The second is scheduled for the end of August.