Samara Polytech Chemists Search Cure For COVID-19

14 May 2021

Joint Project with virologists from Belarus received financial support

Russian Foundation for Basic Research announced the Best Fundamental Research Projects Competition results carried out by groups of young scientists from Russia and Belarus. 49 out of 148 applications were approved. One of the projects «Rational Design of Homoadamantane and Bicyclo [3.3.1] Nonane Derivatives as Inhibitors of SARS-CoV2 nsp13 Helicase» is presented by Vadim Shiryaev, associate professor, candidate of chemical sciences, with Organic Chemistry Department scientists.

The Project goal is helping chemists explore new compounds capable of fighting COVID-19. Like any virus, corona-virus needs a carrier-cell for proteins synthesis and reproduction. In fact, malfunction of at least one of proteins prevents the disease from developing. Taking advantage of this vulnerability might save millions of lives.

«Using new methods to get virtual model of a protein – viral helicase – we will save time to find the molecules able to interfere with the proteins», says Vadim Shirayev. «Also, having studied protein’s structure thoroughly allows us to select a specific compound capable of damaging it. Thus, we do not waste our time and efforts to find some compound by chance, but we target a certain one. Searching area is based around Adamantane and its closest analogues since they show high anti-virus properties. Using virtual detailed construction of compounds method we are able to chose the most applicable ones, synthesize them and determine their properties against SARS-CoV2. We work together with The Republican Research and Practical Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology of Belarus on this project».