Samara Polytech chemists will predict new electrides

12 Jan 2021

Scientists of the flagship university start a joint project with Chinese colleagues

At the end of December, Prof.Vladislav Blatov , director of Samara Center for Theoretical Materials Science (SCTMS) of Samara Polytech, was officially certified by Northwestern Polytechnic University (NPU, Xi'an, China) to lead the university's graduate students. The leadership will be carried out jointly with Professor Junjie Wang . Vladislav Blatov has been a professor at the Research Center for Materials Informatics and Genetic Engineering at NPU since 2016.

«Electrides are a new class of chemical compounds and they are considered as unusual salts from the point of view of classical chemistry, since their isolated electrons behave like anions. Electrides are of interest not only for theoretical chemistry and crystal chemistry, they also have special physical and chemical properties», comments Prof. Vladislav Blatov

This is not the first international project of SCTMS supported by RFBR, but this is a significant project for our cooperation with our eastern neighbor. Recently, a Sino-Russian Joint Innovation Center was established at SCTMS, the main task of which is the development of scientific and technical cooperation with Chinese universities and innovative enterprises.