Samara Polytech entered the Top 100 best universities in Russia

23 Jan 2023

The university has significantly strengthened position in the national aggregated ranking

The Guild of Professional Education Experts presented the results of the fourth national aggregated ranking. In 2022, 694 Russian universities took part in the study. Samara Polytech has confidently established position in the first league (Top 100) of the best educational institutions. During the reporting period, our university has risen by 45 positions and now occupies 64th place.

The study is based on the indicators of 11 ratings that meet the requirements of publicity (complete information is publicly available), stability (there are at least three years), mass character (at least 100 universities are assessed) and periodicity (assessment is carried out annually). Depending on the positions occupied by the university in each of these ranked lists, it is assigned certain marks that affect its position in the national aggregate ranking.

Samara Polytech is represented in ten authoritative rankings, where it occupies high positions:

  • national university ranking - Interfax;
  • ranking "First Mission" (based on the project "The Best Educational Programs of Innovative Russia");
  • RAEX university rankings;
  • Hirsch index;
  • ranking according to Performance Monitoring data;
  • ranking "Assessment of the quality of education";
  • ranking based on the results of professional public accreditation;
  • ranking "International recognition";
  • ranking "National recognition";
  • ranking "Superjob".

The presence in the national aggregate ranking gives universities a number of advantages. Thus, the heads of educational organizations can compare the position of their university with the position of colleagues in the region or industry, and applicants can choose a worthy university in their region.