Samara Polytech in the top of the best universities in the world

14 Oct 2022

The University strengthened its positions in the global aggregated ranking

On October 12, the Guild of Experts in Vocational Education presented the results of the fourth global aggregate ranking - 2023. This year, 3,522 universities from all over the world, including 144 Russian universities, took part in the study. Samara Polytech has firmly established itself in the category of the top 10% of the best educational institutions. Thus, in the national segment, our university has risen by 17 positions over the reporting period and now occupies 52nd place.

The global aggregate ranking is based on the 13 most authoritative world rankings and the UDB public database. Depending on the positions taken by the university in each of these ranked lists, it is assigned certain scores that affect its position in the global aggregate ranking.

Our University is represented in seven world rankings, where it occupies high positions:
THE - Times Higher Education World University Rankings (UK);
Moscow International Ranking "Three Missions of the University" (Russia);
RUR - Round University Ranking (Russia);
SIR - Scimago Institutions Rankings (Spain);
URAP - University Ranking By Academic Performance (Turkey);
ISC - World Universities Ranking (Iran);
RankPro World University Rankings.

When compiling the global aggregate ranking, the results of world rankings for 2022 were used.

In addition, the results of the next ranking of the best universities in the world were published by the British edition Times Higher Education (THE). The list includes 76 Russian universities, 69 of which were taken by Samara Polytech. This year, our university has increased the values ​​of such indicators as "teaching", "research", "international cooperation". And the highest scores were obtained in the direction of "income from production activities." At the Samara State Technical University, this indicator is rated above the average value based on the results of a sample of all world universities.