Samara Polytech in the world university rankings

30 Nov 2023

The results of three global studies of universities were announced

The Guild of Experts in the Field of Professional Education presented the results of the global aggregate ranking - 2024. This year, 3,626 universities from around the world took part in the study, including 153 Russian universities. Samara Polytech has firmly established itself in the category of the top 10% of the best educational institutions. Thus, in the national segment our university today ranks 56th.

The global aggregate ranking is based on the 13 most authoritative global rankings and the public UDB database. At the end of 2023, Samara Polytech is represented in seven world rankings, where it occupies high positions:

  • THE – Times Higher Education World University Rankings (UK);
  • Moscow international ranking «Three missions of the university» (Russia);
  • RUR – Round University Ranking (Russia);
  • SIR – Scimago Institutions Rankings (Spain);
  • URAP – University Ranking By Academic Performance (Turkey);
  • ISC – World Universities Ranking (Iran);
  • RankPro World University Rankings (France).

In addition, the RAEX agency published the second edition of university rankings in science, mathematics and engineering. The lists included 78 Russian universities. Research assesses the competitiveness of universities in two groups of specialties. Thus, the natural and mathematical field includes such areas as mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and fundamental earth sciences. In the engineering and technical field, a wide range of engineering areas is considered (energy, construction, information science and computer technology, aircraft manufacturing, robotics, light industry, etc.). The distribution of places in the rankings is influenced by the demand for graduates in the labor market, the quality of education and scientific results.

Thus, in the ranking for engineering and technical areas, Samara Polytech rose by nine positions during the reporting period and today occupies 33rd place. And our university is represented for the first time in a study on natural sciences. He is ranked 44th on the list.

Finally, Samara Polytech entered the international narrow-subject ranking Round University Ranking 2023. The study includes the results of innovative subject rankings in 26 scientific fields, 18 of which our university is represented in.

Thus, in nine areas, Samara Polytech became a leader among universities in the Samara region. These are the following areas of activity:

  • Biochemistry, Genetics and Molecular Biology (14th place out of 86 in the national ranking segment);
  • Business, Management and Accounting (49th place out of 84);
  • Chemical Engineering (16th place out of 93);
  • Chemistry (20th place out of 99);
  • Economics (49th place out of 85);
  • Energy (14 out of 101);
  • Environmental Science (19th out of 108);
  • Multidisciplinarity (19th place out of 53);
  • Pharmacology (35th place out of 59).

Our university also occupies high positions in the following areas:

  • Computer Technologies (33rd place out of 108 in the national segment of the rating);
  • Decision Sciences (57th out of 76);
  • Earth and Planetary Sciences (52nd place out of 102);
  • Engineering (33rd place out of 113);
  • Immunology and Microbiology (61 places out of 64);
  • Materials Science (48th place out of 106);
  • Mathematics (37th place out of 103);
  • Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (41 out of 68);
  • Physical Sciences (43rd place out of 112).

The subject-specific RUR ranking is based on data from Lens, a comprehensive repository of academic and research information covering a wide range of scientific results.