Samara Polytech Received a Grant from the Russkiy Mir Foundation

21 Jun 2021

The project is aimed at immersing foreigners in the Russian language environment

The Russkiy Mir Foundation has summed up the results of the spring session of the grant competition. More than 650 applications were submitted to promote the Russian language, of which 120 were approved. Among the initiatives supported was a project proposed by the Department of Pedagogy, Intercultural Communication and Russian as a ForeignLanguage of Samara Polytech.

The staff of the department will work on the creation of a new online course for Russian as a foreign language «Authentic Videos for Beginners». Thus, the authentic material is distinguished by the naturalness of the lexical content and grammatical forms, the situational adequacy of the linguistic means used and illustrates cases of authentic word usage. Therefore, the use of such content in the classroom with foreign students will make the learning process as close as possible to natural communication, and will also help students to quickly join the Russian-speaking environment.

The founders of the Russkiy Mir Foundation are the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. The goals of the organization are to popularize the Russian language, which is a national treasure of Russia and an important element of Russian and world culture, to support programs for studying the Russian language in our country and abroad.