Samara Polytech scientists create experimental semi-autonomous aeronautic marine device

08 Jul 2019

This unique invention was called «GLAIDERON»

Samara Polytech (Samara State Technical University) together with the Design Bureau «Talisman» and the Software Engineering Company «Network-Centric Platforms» have started to create an experimental model of an aeronautic marine semi-autonomous device. The project manager, the graduate student of Samara Polytech, Alexander Mochalkin, called the invention «GLAIDERON».

The device will carry out operational monitoring of water areas and coastal territory. The uniqueness of «GLAIDERON» is in combining drones of different functionality into a single design. Scientists plan to use both the technical features of surface and underwater gliders to solve the problems of hydrology, hydrography, hydrophysics. The original design will provide a qualitative and comprehensive analysis of the data.