Press Releases

Samara Polytech scientists improve casting technology
3D-printed burning-out models are used in the production of ceramic molds
Samara Polytech scientists suggest a new way of high viscosity oil recovery
The innovative technology is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and efficient
Samara Polytech scientist designs wind-powered generator
The unique device has no analogues in the world
Samara Polytech Scientists Created “Smart” Farming
AI system is designed to ease farmers’ labour and watch over the crop. Samara Polytech Scientist along with Technical Companies have created the first AI system for agricultural purposes.
An ancient boat was found near Samara
Samara Polytech scientists conducted a preliminary survey of a medieval ship
Scientists of the Samara Polytech sinter lunar soil in a microwave
Making bricks from a lunar soil simulator takes 40 minutes
The first metal-organic coordination polymers were synthesized at the Samara Polytech
The resulting nanostructured materials have unique properties
Scientists from Samara Polytech Learned to Control the Oil Lens
New method will ensure environmental safety in oil production
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