Press Releases

Samara Polytech сhemists synthesized new compounds
The synthesized substances have great preparative properties
Samara Polytech chemists designed portable analyzers
Universal devices will be used in industrial and medical diagnostics
Samara Polytech PhD student improves oil production efficiency using machine learning
The project is based on the new method of data analysis
A young scientist of Samara Polytech invented a glove for the deaf
A unique invention will help people with profound hearing loss to get a better spatial awareness
Samara Polytech scientists improve casting technology
3D-printed burning-out models are used in the production of ceramic molds
Samara Polytech scientists suggest a new way of high viscosity oil recovery
The innovative technology is cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and efficient
Samara Polytech scientist designs wind-powered generator
The unique device has no analogues in the world
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