Press Releases

Scientists from Samara Polytech developed Oceanologist robot
The water-air flotilla of robots is formed for the sea area monitoring
Samara scientists' inventions will allow to control ecological situation
Samara Polytech scientists developed high-precision hyperspectral equipment and a unique method of spectral monitoring
Samara Polytech set a new trend associated with the space service
The scientists of the flagship university develop the concept of inhabited space. Two projects directly related to future construction on the Moon are developed at the university
Samara Polytech University created healthy candies with original fillings
Soon the university will receive a patent on the manufacturing technology
Samara scientists developed a new approach to compounds with antidiabetic activity
The members of the Organic Chemistry Department of Samara Polytech proposed a new transformation chain
Samara Scientists Develop «Flexible» Mirror for Space Telescopes
Scientists of Samara State Technical University (Samara Polytech) have developed and patented a way to reduce distortion and increase the resolution of space telescopes
Samara Polytech scientists developed a unique recipe for wine made from Samara region grapes
New technologies for high-quality production from local raw materials are created at the Food Production Faculty of the Flagship University
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