Synthesis of Cage and Heterocyclic Compounds

Research areas: Cage compounds; metal-complex catalysis; directed enantioselective synthesis; medicinal chemistry; chromenes; methylene quinones, molecular modeling.

Key projects (2018-2021):

  1. Multicomponent synthesis/reductive rearrangement of 2-acyl-2,3-dihydrofuranes as a base of a novel methodology of polyfunctional 4H-pyranes preparing.
  2. Chiral Michael adducts in stereoselective synthesis of non-aromatic heterocyclic systems.
  3. Orto-quinone methides cycloaddiction reactions as the key step to flavonoids and fused 4H-pyranes.
  4. Dearomatization of highly polarized five-membered heterocycles as a novel methodology in organic synthesis.
  5. Terminal-disubstituted sterically hindered 2-butenes in synthesis of carbo- and heterocyclic systems.
  6. 1,3-Disubstituted 2-oxaadamantanes as a molecular platform for structure-various polyfunctional heterocage systems.
  7. Rational design of ion channel blockers of (+)-RNA genomic viruses based on saturated cage heterocycles.
  8. Development of an approach to multitarget inhibitors used against the SARS-CoV2 reproduction by directed design of cage ligands for the E ion channel and the nsp13 helicase.
  9. Development of novel approaches to synthesis of non-racemic carbo- and heterocyclic systems based on intramolecular oxidative addition/carbometallation reactions.
  10. Transformations of sterically hindered epihalohydrin analogues.

Practical implementation at The Center of Collective Use «Research of Physical and Chemical Properties of Substances and Materials»

International projects:

Contract № 20-53-04035\20 RFBR (Shiryaev V.A.).

The contest of the best projects of basic science researches, that are being performed in cooperation between the young researchers’ teams from The Russian Federation and The Republic of Belarus, that is being held in cooperation between the Federal government budgetary institution «Russian Foundation for Basic Research» and «Belarusian Republican Foundation for Fundamental Research».

Key scientists: