Theory and Technology of Optimal Control of Systems with Distributed Parameters

Research area: Control Systems

Key projects (2018-2021):

  1. Optimal design and energy efficient control of interconnected electrothermal fields and thermo-stressed states in technological systems of induction hardening of metal products of complex geometric shape (2019-2021)
  2. Development and theoretical justification of an algorithmically precise method for solving vector problems of optimal control of technical objects with distributed parameters (2018-2020)

Practical implementation at Regional Educational and Scientific Center for Energy Efficiency of the Samara Region

International projects:

  1. Cooperative researches with Institute of Electrotechnology of Leibniz University (Hannover, Germany), Padua University, Pavia University, and Insubria University (Italy) resulted in more than 40 common publications
  2. Combined educational TEMPUS/Tacis projects
  3. DAAD Projects
  4. Erasmus Program
  5. Scientific Seminars

Key scientists:

Students’ scientific activities:

  1. Pavlushin Alexey (Optimization of induction hardening process based on alternance method)
  2. Rafael Akhmetsagirov (Optimization of technological line «heater- hot forming equipment»)
  3. Peshkin Kirill (Optimal design and control of the tailored induction heating process for stamping metal semi-finished products)
  4. Natalya Ilyina (Two-channel time-optimal control of the induction heating of thick-wall pipe”)
  5. Maksim Zolotarev (Development of interactive program complex for the intellectualization and optimization of control algorithms in Matlab/Simulink)