Student reviews

Abdullah, Iraq

My name is Ghanimi Abdullah Hussein. I’m from Iraq.

I looked for a good university. Then the curator in Samara told me that Samara Polytech is a very good university. That's why I came here.

My father is also an oil and gas engineer. He works for the Russian company «Gazprom». I study petroleum engineering, drilling…

and it is hard for me, because of the language, that is foreign for me. It is the most important thing. But it's okay now, because I'm in my third year, I'm used to it.

I like all the subjects. Math is one of them. The teacher is Stelmakh. The most difficult subject is «Machine elements».

I communicate with Russian people, but I don’t always do it… sometimes. Every day I communicate with Geis, he's a foreigner, he is from my country.

When I have free time, I practice boxing.

I don't know where I'll work after graduation. Time will tell. But I want to work in Russia! If I don’t succeed I’ll go to Saudi Arabia.

One shouldn’t fight, hang out in night clubs and shouldn't drink (alcohol).

Frankly speaking, there are many beautiful places and attractions in Samara, except winter. Winter is not very good. Even Russian people do not like winter!

Ahmed, Egypt

Hello! My name is Ahmed Awadin. I’m a citizen of Egypt.

I study at Samara State Technical University. I read on the Internet about the universities of Russia and found out that the rating of Samara Polytech was very high and the specialty I liked was provided there.

That is way I decided to continue my studies at this university. I study at the faculty of Petroleum Engineering and I am going to continue my studies in this specialty because I want to be an oil engineer. My favorite subject is maths.

I have good relations with all the teachers. Economics is a difficult subject for me.

I have good relations with all the people that study with me both the Arabs and the Russians. I have many Russian friends, we respect each other.

I like to live in Russia, Russian way of life and the laws. We do not feel good in winter, as it is very cold outside. Subzero temperatures prevent us from coming to the lectures on time.

I am a sociable person. I like to play football. I do not often go to the gym. Mostly I like to spend time with friends. I like to go out. I always have a desire to visit new places. Once I went to the Russian village for a week for rest.

In fact, I have not decided yet whether I want to stay in Russia after graduation or not, but now I want to live in Egypt, because I love my family very much and I want to be close to them.

To be admitted to Samara Polytech is a very simple and easy procedure. I would say there is no bureaucracy. Theoretical study is not the most important thing. The most important thing is to combine theory and practice. Samara Polytech pays attention to providing everything for reliable education.

I’d advice students to work at self-development and study hard.

Axel, Cameroon

Hi, my name is Axel, I'm from Cameroon.

I have been living in Russia for 4 years. To be more exact - in Samara , where I came to study oil and gas engineering. Here we have a very good university, where all directions are provided - from drilling to production and transportation. In short, Samara Polytech is an excellent university, because it trains young students to be oil engineers of all specialties.

You asked me - why Samara? At first I conducted my own investigation and found out that all specialties are provided here, besides the climate here is not as harsh as for example in Siberia.

I came here and have no regrets; I am completely satisfied with the quality of education, as well as the level of living costs.

As for my teachers, I have good relationship with my teachers. They help me a lot. When I have problems, even minor ones, I can always solve them.

Frankly speaking, Russian is not easy for me, but everything comes with time, so you need to talk a lot , practice and practice speaking. I think that for a French-speaking foreigner the language is the most difficult thing, but after a year, I would even say - a year and a half - you are able to speak Russian. And you should not only read books, you should read and talk to people, that’s the only way you can learn Russian.

What kind of relationship I have with Russians and foreigners? Well, foreigners are very easy to meet in the street, it's easy to know each other at once, but all our friends here are Russians. My friend is Russian, in general we have great relationship between Russians and foreigners.

It is very comfortable to live here in Samara. It is a big beautiful city, with a huge beach, especially in summer it is very beautiful, there are many parks, museums. There is a very large and beautiful stadium Samara Arena. To my mind, this is the most beautiful stadium in Europe, because the light there is very soft so it’s good for taking photos. Those who love football, like me, will get real pleasure from watching a match at Samara Arena.

There are many kinds of transport in Samara: taxis, trams, buses. Taxi is the most user-friendly. In winter, when it is cold, you may go by taxi, sometimes it is more expensive, sometimes cheaper, it depends on many factors. But students who go to Samara Polytech live in university dormitories. The concept is that the dormitories are located very conveniently: 10 minute - walk to the tram stop, take the tram and within 15 minutes you are at the university. This makes it easier for international students who have just arrived, because it is very easy to use the tram. To use the metro you still need to have some experience of living in the city, because the metro stations are large, and sometimes it is difficult for those who are not used to the city. In general as far as transport Samara has five stars.

Prices for living here are almost the same as in all European countries, as in all other Russian cities. The prices for bread, water and suchlike are almost the same everywhere. Buying foodstuff and cloths, renting accommodation is affordable here. Something that is a bit difficult for an international student, and I would like to say about it quite honestly - getting a job, because there is a certain legislation. We look forward and we hope that in a few years international students will be able to have more opportunities to daylight, which is a good way for students around the world to make ends meet.

Especially interesting is the practical aspect of the university as we have very good laboratories here with truly qualified teachers who take great pains to teach students. As for me, I prefer such active teachers, but I do not want to say that there are "bad" teachers and "good" ones, all of them have their own strong points.

Can I recommend a French-speaking student to come to Samara? Of course! Come to Samara! Come to Samara Polytech! Here we study oil and gas engineering, mechanics, power engineering, hydraulics, design... In short, there are many faculties in Samara. Welcome! It is good to live here, good education, large libraries… This is what I can tell you about Samara.

We're happy here.

Armel, Cameroon

My name is Armel. I came from Cameroon, Yaounde City.

I came here 4 years ago. Before that I had lived in Tomsk - it is a city in Siberia. It is very cold there. I studied Russian for 7 months there and got a diploma. I arrived in Samara because it was very cold in Tomsk. The temperature here is ok. At least I can walk outside.

My friend advised me to come here, to Samara Polytech because I wanted to study Petroleum Engineering. This specialty is provided here. Therefore, everything is fine. I study the specialty «Oil and Gas Engineering». I think that we are taught everything needed and I can get good education. I study «Oil and Gas Engineering». My teachers are excellent. They help me in everything.

The biggest problem for foreigners is the language... Especially for those who speak French. This is a big problem. To master the language for seven months and enter the university is very hard. But we study well and always try to do everything well.

When I was in my first year, my favorite subject was math. The teacher was very good.

I try to do everything in time in order to know everything and pass the exams well. I have a lot of Russian friends, because living in Russia without friends is difficult. They can give you advice or help. However, my closest friends are the ones I share a room with. They are Africans. We live in the dormitory together, so I think they are my closest friends.

I'm a sporty guy. I am fond of sports. I play football and basketball. I play football in the university team. In my free time I play football, meet friends, sometimes I go to the stadium to watch the match of the Russian Premier League. Sometimes when the weather is good I go for a walk.

After graduation, I would like to get an education in some other country to try something new and get different experience - not only in Russia. Then I may work for 2-3 years and return home, because it is always better for all people to live in their home country.

I want to improve my English because now I speak French and Russian well. My English is good, but I’d like to speak English fluently.

I would advise foreign applicants to learn Russian. The language is the most serious problem. As for studying, you should to go to lectures and do everything on time. It is not very difficult to study here. I think that everyone can, if he really wants to.

Samara is a good city. People are kind and good. They try to help if you have problems. The city is very beautiful. There are many places to spend your free time, especially in summer. The transport works well. Only sometimes, the tram can break, but that is ok. I suppose that the situation is the same everywhere. Sometimes, when my phone runs out, people help me to call a taxi or advise what tram to take and how to get somewhere.

Fayoz, Uzbekistan

My name is Fayoz. I came from Uzbekistan.

I wanted to go to this University. My brother had studied here and advised me.

I study at the faculty of Petroleum Engineering. I chose it because now this specialty and specialists are on demand. I like it. I can work here or in my native country.

I like all subjects. All teachers are good. Students from many countries study here now: from Cameroon, United Arab Emirates... I am friends with them and with the locals too. They are good and cheerful guys. We are friends.

I have very little free time, because in addition to full-time training, I study at the extra-mural department. I spend a lot of time studying.

Don’t be afraid of anything, believe in yourself, set a goal and achieve it.

Samara is a big city. I like it. Everything is beautiful here.

I live in a dormitory, we are all friends there. My favorite places are the Kuibyshev square, the square of Glory, a Country park, the embankment. I can mention a lot of places.

There are a lot places with Oriental cuisine in Samara. You never face a problem. If you have money you can find everything. In all restaurants the dishes are tasty. They cook well. On weekends my friends and I cook pilaf and treat everyone. Welcome!

Firdavs, Kyrgyzstan

My name is Saidolimov Firdavs. I came from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

I study in Samara at the faculty of Petroleum Engineering. I found information about Samara Polytech on the Internet and decided to come here to study. After high school, I looked on the Internet for suitable educational directions in different countries of the world. I found what I needed in Samara, Samara State Technical University. I chose Drilling of Oil and Gas Wells because it is prestigious and you can make good money from the very start.

My favorite subject is drilling equipment. We study the equipment elements - drilling mechanisms. Drilling is possible by using these mechanisms.

I have a lot of friends. Groupmates are good friends - two Russians and one Kazakh. I have friends from France and Iraq, from different countries of the world. Most of my friends are from Tajikistan.

There are no such large rivers in my country. Here I’ve seen the Volga for the first time. It was a nuance for me. During my first year here, I went to the Volga with my uncle and we swam together.

In my free time I try to go to the sports complex which is close to the dormitory. We train in the gym, go to the pool and have martial arts classes. Sometimes I go for a walk with friends. We go to the movies.

I would like to stay in Russia, because there is much oil here, it is easy to find a job. On the Internet they write that it is very difficult to enter the university and very many documents are needed. In fact, it is more or less easy to come and hand over all the documents. It is just written in a complicated way about how one should enter the university. You think about the admission procedure with fear, but you should not be afraid.

At first during my first and second year, it was difficult for me to understand words, terms. It is difficult only during the first year and then gradually you get used.

The transport system is very convenient. I go down the street and take a tram or a bus to the university. There are a lot of them.

In summer, I go to the embankment with friends. The view and the breeze are nice there. We go to the cinema in the shopping mall.

There is much snow in Russia. It's fun.

I live in Dormitory 7. It's more or less normal. We are two in the room. It’s ok. We have a shared kitchen.

Gerson, Mexico

Hello everyone! My name is Gerson. I'm from Mexico. I study at Samara State Technical University.

I study in Russia for various reasons. I think it's fate that I'm here.

I am very satisfied with everything happened to me and with my life during these 2 years since I have been here. I met a lot of people from different countries, I made a lot of friends. As I’ve said, here I have many friends and acquaintances from different countries, such as Brazil, Colombia, Italy, France.

It's true: I am fine, I'm very happy!

I see that there are a lot of good things at the University. Of course, Russian is a bit complicated, but it's important to try for a while to get used to it, it's a bit difficult but I think finally it's worth it.

There are things I like about Samara, such as comfortable transport, very beautiful squares. Kuibyshev square is the largest square in Europe. It’s very beautiful. Volga river in summer… I don’t know how to tell better about it.

There are a lot more interesting things here. I think if you see the University, you'll like it. I study oil engineering, this is my specialty, this is my decision.

I feel interested in studying in Russian. My favorite subject is Geology. I think that we are taught by very good teachers, very good geologists. It's a bit difficult to study in Russian...but, in the end, it's worth it, you should try it. It's a good school. It's true. It provides many competencies. It is very interesting to study here. It’s really a good school.

It's interesting to study in Russia. I don't know, it's the best University, a very good University. I was a student when I lived in Mexico city. I think it's better here and I like the University.

Where do I want to work? I don't know... I've been thinking about it for a long time. Now I would like to see new places: Canada, maybe the countries that are closer to my country. I want to try my luck in France, in the Netherlands. I don’t know.

I will keep thinking. Now I am here, all doors are open for me, doors to many things. There is always an exit to the comfort zone and testing something new. I think that Russia has given me the wisdom to endure some things and face up to the сhallenges.

And I think that's the best thing, I mean that. Regarding the future, I do not know.... It will come. Now I would like to enjoy my life period in Russia and enjoy what I am doing.

Madina, Uzbekistan

My name is Madina. I am from Uzbekistan.

I chose Samara because I had studied here before. My parents work here. I wanted to be close to my family, so I chose Samara.

First, I wanted to be a lawyer. I had been studying at the academic law lyceum for three years when I realized that I did not like it. I wanted to obtain sustainable employment. I heard about the transportation and storage of oil, gas and refined products specialty from my friends.

I would not say that it is difficult for me to understand everything. Some subjects are difficult for me sometimes. Chemistry was especially difficult for me and tried to pass the exam many times I like the teacher of math, Tatyana Nikolaevna Kochetova. She is very good. I like her most of all.

I do not have many friends. Mostly, they are from the university and from the dormitory.

Students feel stressed as after two months of study they have tests and exams.

In my free time, I read books and go out with my friends.

I would like to come back to Uzbekistan and work in my specialty at the enterprises located in my country.

I have a friend. She is from Namibia, from Africa. She does not speak Russian well. She speaks mostly English. It is hard for her to make friends here. I have some foreign friends who do not understand me when I speak. It is hard for us to communicate. They do not understand and often ask what the lecture is about…

Marius, Cote d’Ivoire

My name is Ecressin Bua Marius, I'm from Cote d’Ivoire. I heard about Samara Polytech from one of my friends. I searched in the Internet and saw that in mining, geology and oil Samara Polytech is among the first Russian universities that teach oil and gas engineering.

The climate is good here. Besides the foreigners find here a very warm welcome. I also came on the advice of my friend Soumahoro who studies here too. I study the oil industry - mining, geology, oil. I'm currently studying transportation, export and organization of oil and gas transportation. And next semester I'm going to study the development of oil and gas deposits. Engineering graphics is very difficult, because all the programs are in Russian, and we studied Russian only for nine months. Now we have to learn everything at the same time.

Sometimes I communicate with Russians, sometimes with foreigners, we have a mixed company. I've been here in Russia for about 2 years. Weather is very cold here. But I may say it’s ok. After getting the bachelor's degree I expect to go to Canada and study reservoir engineering for getting a master degree. After that I can work.

The advice I could give to my foreign friends is to learn the language because … Russian is really difficult, it's even more difficult than Chinese It is one of the most difficult languages because one word may have many meanings. It’s impossible to learn everything during the preparation year, it is impossible to learn the language within nine months. So the advice is to put all your energy and efforts into the language learning: grammar, conjugation, and then – practice the language. Always speak Russian, it is impossible to master the language without it. You’d better put aside all "friendly" languages, such as French, English, and always speak Russian, even if you make mistakes. Don’t feel scared.

I like Russian dishes. I like buckwheat, peas, cakes, pies ...a lot of things. Borsch. Yeas, borsch! It is here where I learned to cook, now I cook for myself. But sometimes it’s difficult because there are no necessary ingredients to cook my national dishes here in Russia. The geographical location of the country is worse than that of Africa, where the climate is equatorial and there are many products. No bananas grow here, no futu [a local African dish based on grapes], a lot of things need to be ordered from my home country to make the dish good. However, once I cooked fish that my Russian friends tried and they liked it.

Mohamed, Côte d'Ivoire

My name is Mohamed Lamine Soumahoro, I'm from Côte d'Ivoire. I am a student of Samara Polytech, I study transportation and storagу, oil and gas engineering. I decided to come to study in Samara, at Samara State Technical University. At first I was impressed by the program of Samara Polytech, especially in oil and gas engineering, tanks in particular, this is what exactly I am currently studying. In addition, my teacher of Russian also advised me this University.

The city is very easy to move around. It takes just 15-20 minutes to get from one part of the city to the other by tram, metro, bus and in general it’s easy to use any kind of transport, no matter where you are.

I can say that I really appreciate all my teachers, because ... for example, in the first year of study we had a course of drawing. Drawing was a new course for us, because we were students studying physics and chemistry, and this course seemed to be something unknown. I was a little worried and was wondering how it would be going to happen. Every time we had a class I didn't expect anyone to come up to me, the teacher at the lecture was rather far from me, but after the lecture we had something called a practice.

A practice is the lesson when a teacher comes up to you and explains everything read at the lecture and what to do with that. Even if at the lecture you do not understand every word, at the practical lesson you quickly understand everything. Maybe it's because we are foreigners - the teacher paid more attention to us.

I remember how it was during my first year. The drawing was taught in Russian and at every practical lesson the teacher came up to me and explained! And it’s still going this way! Up to the present time! Even on recesses the teacher invited me to approach her and explained the material once again. A math teacher... A very good woman, she could explain the same things to me a thousand times. And every teacher behaves the same way.

This year, for example, we have a course of resistance of materials. This is a very good complex subject, which usually involves the student having a master's degree in physics. I often communicate with friends who study at other universities, and we talk about the program that we have here. And they say to me, "Mohammed, do you study the resistance of materials? We don't study it because it requires a master's degree in physics». All these teachers - they're here for us, to explain to us. But we need the material to be explained to us a thousand times.

I was worried at first. I said to myself, «Oh, the Russian language, I‘ve never learned this language! How will I be able to understand it, go into it?» Gradually it became easier and easier, because the teaches spare neither time nor effort to explain. Every time when you need the explanations, they do it. I believe that's the reason why I’ve adapted myself to living here so easily.

As for my free time, in my free time I prefer reading French literature because it helps me to communicate with Russians, exchange more information on different topics. It allows me to communicate and learn.

What can I say about the city of Samara? Well, it's very hospitable. Even if you are not very sociable, every time in the street you meet someone who comes up to you and asks, «Where are you from?». And invites you to his place even if you don’t know each other well. They like foreigners here and like to get acquainted, make friends, foreign fiends in particular.

I really like the city because of the Volga. During the holidays on the Volga you can meet friends and enjoy the river.

As for future students - I advise to choose Polytech. Why do I advise? Because I study here. I live here every moment. And when I review everything from the beginning to today, I say to myself, "I've changed a lot for the better" - not just my language level. At first when you start learning the language, everything is difficult in the beginning, but when the professional training starts, you gradually see how you master everything that you are working at better and better. Because every teacher is ready to listen to you, has time for you, you may call on Saturday, on Friday evening, and the teachers are ready to listen to you and explain what you don’t understand. That's what I deeply appreciate at our University.

It’s nice to live in Samara, tourism is developed. There are no difficulties at all. You may spend four or five years without leaving the city at all, because you can find everything here. Once I was in Moscow, I liked it, I believe that it's a big beautiful city.

But Samara ... I adore Samara! In my native country feel less popular and less comfortable! It doesn't matter whether you're African or Russian. You can be friends with whoever you want and feel at home.

I often think… why not to stay to work here after graduation? And I realize that having received such an education, such a qualification, it would be nice to have a little practice to beef up my knowledge before coming back to my native land and bringing benefit to my country using everything that learn here. I invite everyone to come to study at an excellent University, Samara Polytech!

Mustafa, Egypt

Hello, my name is Mustafa, I am a citizen of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

I have come from Egypt to Russia to study as an engineer at the faculty of Petroleum Engineering.

I searched on the Internet where one can get good and reliable education in Russia and found many recommendations that Samara State Technical University is one of the most reliable and professional universities in Russia to train students for oil and gas industry.

After graduation, I am planning to work as an engineer in the United Arab Emirates, in the company where my father works or try to get a job here in Russia. There is oil and gas in Egypt, but there are very few vacant positions in this industry. Samara is one of the best cities in Russia.

I had been to Moscow and Kazan, but finally I decided to come to Samara. Samara is a very beautiful city with interesting architecture. I like the Volga river. Volga is one of the most beautiful places in Samara. The Volga makes Samara landscape very beautiful.

I was here in Samara during the 2018 FIFA World Cup and watched the matches. Here I saw with my own eyes that this grandiose holiday was organized at the highest level. People here are very kind, polite and friendly; there is no racism I also like the fact that everything is well organized at Samara State Technical University.

There are many specialties and directions of training at every faculty. My specialty at the faculty of Petroleum Engineering is drilling of oil and gas wells. The University pays great attention to this faculty and to this specialty.

Public transport in Samara is well developed, because the Samara region pays great attention to it. There are buses, trams, minibuses and taxis.

I would like to add that the attitude to people is good here.

Samara, in general, is a great city. In fact, I had a desire to come to study in Russia to change my future for the better. You have to plan your future carefully.

As a student, I see that my future depends on how I will study and in what specialty. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a profession and specialty competently. If you love your job, you will succeed.

Thanks God! I passed my entrance exams. I understand that it is very difficult to enter this faculty and this specialty, because it is a prestigious faculty in a good university and everything here is very strict. Samara State Technical University differs from other universities in other cities of Russia in that everything is strictly under control here. The university staff monitors the attendance of students. The university monitors the quality of educational services and works to ensure that every student learns well and takes an active part in the life of the university. The university pays attention to each student and helps to solve the arising problems.

I’d say again: I like Samara very much and Samara is a great city. My advice to all students is to think about their future carefully.

Thank you very much.

Nikolai, Kazakhstan

Why did I choose Polytech? My uncle told me about it when I was in the tenth grade. He told me about the university in details and why he had studied there, and therefore I chose Samara Polytech. I study at the Petroleum Engineering Faculty - «Operation and maintenance of oil production facilities» is my specialty. It gives very good work opportunities, because oil is produced in almost every country. Oil engineers are on demand everywhere. And they make good money. I plan to stay here in Russia and to work in Russia as well.

To study is pretty easy. I’d advice to do everything in time and not to leave it until it’s too late. This can lead to very serious consequences.

The most difficult subject for me to pass was philosophy, because it is a humanitarian subject. I don't really understand them. I passed it on the second try. It took me a long time to understand it… I don't know... I just didn't understand philosophy and asked my friend to help. He explained it to me as I was a first-grade schoolboy by using very simple examples. I roughly understood.

Really, I have every little free time after classes. If I have free time I try to meet my friends and go out. I’ve made friends with many people… especially locals. They're Russians. I know some foreigners, but, after all, I communicate with the locals more.

Where would I go out? I'd take my friends to the Volga embankment. The second place I would take them to is «Na Dne» (popular bar with local beer). Well, the beer is good there and the bar is good as well. The third place is the ski resort, which is located on Krasnaya Glinka. It’s quite a wonderful place. The fourth place is Gagarin Park. The park is quite large and very beautiful in winter. The fifth place I would go to is IMAX cinema.

Hassan, Lebanon

My name is Hassan Fakih. I come from Lebanon.

I study at the Petroleum Engineering Faculty. My specialty is drilling.

When I was in school, I dreamed of leaving Lebanon for some other country to study. At first I did not know where to go. And I kept thinking a long time… And the I had the choice- to go to Russia or to Germany to my brother. But I chose Russia, I chose several cities. And out of them I chose Samara, because I had read a lot on the Internet… I read about our Samara Polytech, and I liked what they teach here.

But the first year in Samara I studied the preparatory course program. In my first year I had a bit more difficulty than now because of the Russian language. I'm better with people now - with teachers, friends, groupmates.

At first it was very difficult. Very difficult. I was alone and I didn't know the Arabs here. I started chatting with people on social media and made friends. Now I have very close Russian friends, classmate.

Samara Polytech has become my second home. Russia has become my second country. I love Russia, I love Samara. I have a new life here in Samara. Absolutely new life!

I'm 20 now. I had lived with my parents till I was 18 years old. I was at home all the time and had never left Lebanon. It was the first time…. I came here to Russia.

People here treat me, I do not know how they treat others, but they treat me very well, with kindness. After graduation, I’m going to work... well, I do not know where exactly, but I will work where I will get a job. Maybe in my home country, maybe in Russia, maybe even in Samara.

I didn't like studying at all. At all… But when I came here, I realized that Samara Polytech can make you, if you study, an engineer.

I have a few favorite subjects. I like math. I became more interested in learning when we began to study the «Theory of machines and mechanisms». I like the «Resistance of materials» as well.

Usually after my classes I go to the dormitory. At first I have a rest, and then have a meal and of course, I study, because I don't understand everything at the lectures.

During the exam period I study and study hard, I do my best and I manage it.

I’d advise those who want to come here to Samara not to be afraid, not to worry. Everything will be fine! Don’t worry about the Russian language! I didn't know Russian at all when I came here. Being a second year student, I speak good Russian. And here in our Polytech there is, of course, a preparatory course. I studied Russian there and now I can speak well. Your studying will be fine.

Vadim, Kazakhstan

My name is Vadim Vetrov. I came from Kazakhstan.

Samara Polytech is a fairly high-level university with a large background. It‘s a good university which is located close to my native place of residence, I could stay in my home country, in Kazakhstan. There are strong good universities also in Kazakhstan, but they are located in the other part of the country and so it was easier for me to come here, to Samara, to Samara Polytech.

Russian education is of great value in Kazakhstan.

What can I say about the program? I'm a bachelor's student. This is a good program - Oil and Gas Engineering at the faculty of Petroleum Engineering. I'm an engineer-ecologist.

I have no favorite subjects. Actually, I can mention «The Processes and Devices of Chemical Technology» taught by Anna Yurievna Churkina.

I didn't have any acquaintances here at all. I started everything from scratch. I made acquaintances but it was not a problem for me, because I am Russian-speaking. In fact, there is a little difference in mentality, but it is insignificant, there are no problems with socializing here, in Samara.

My most vivid memories are related to my student life. These are various events, such as the student theatre of pop sketches, all sorts of contests and a lot more.

Very vivid memories that I have are related to the practice at the production plant. It was interesting for me to visit such large companies, and, first of all, I got useful acquaintances and contacts there.

Initially, when I was in the ninth and tenth grade I knew that I would go to Russia. Even then I knew that and planned to stay there and live my life. And now in my final years, I have changed my mind and I’d like to go back to Kazakhstan.

In my free time I go to the gym and I study English, because I need it for my future work, as I'm going to work in a foreign company.

Talking about the transport system…This is just the coolest thing that I like in Samara. I saw trams here for the first time and had a ride. Trams are good for the traffic. Ah! By the way… metro! But I do not really like it as there is only one metro line.

Yuri, Armenia

Hello! My name is Yuri. I came from Armenia.

At the time of my university admission campaign, I chose between 6 universities to apply for university admission. Among them, there was Gubkin University, NUST MISIS and Samara State Technical University where I am studying now… and universities in Siberia. I was admitted to Gubkin University and Samara Polytech.

I had a choice of universities, and I chose Samara – Samara State Technical University. I did not regret it.

I study Physical Processes of Mountain or Oil and Gas Production. I’m a future oil and gas engineer. I hope to work in the specialty where I get a job.

I’ve made friends with foreigners and Russians. I'm quite a sociable person. I have good university friends. They are from my faculty and my group. They are Russian but they are not locals.

Mostly, I study English, go in for sport in the gym in my free time. I have no enough time to do everything.

After the graduation, I’d like to work in my specialty.

I like cold weather and winter most of all In Samara. I like the cold weather in Samara and the fact that the winter is long. I like it as we don’t have this kind of weather in Armenia. I like to walk in the parks, on the embankment.

Samara Polytech has good professors, who teach you everything they know. There are beautiful girls and good classrooms here.

In general, foreign students have a bit difficulty with exams. Sometimes it is difficult to pass exams because of the terms. Russian language is not clear sometimes.

In Armenia I went to a Russian school. I know Russian.

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