Press Releases

Samara Polytech chemists have predicted more than 200 new carbon allotropes
One of the predicted substances turned out to be harder than a diamond
Samara Polytech scientists have patented the TopCryst.Find_Topology service
It becomes possible to determine the crystal structure topology with the help of the program
Petroleum engineers of Samara Polytech developed a unique test facility
It is designed to simulate reservoir conditions
Samara Polytech chemists simplify crystal structures
This will enable scientists to better understand new materials and their behavior
Samara Polytech scientists proved the anti-cancer properties of a number of plant extracts
Extracts from black chokeberry, raspberry and fireweed have a special anti-carcinogenic and antioxidant effect
Chemists Developed “Timeless” Materials
They absorb carbon dioxide and carcinogens
Samara Polytech predicts the future of building structures exposed to heating
A general mathematical model of the thermoelasticity equation is derived
Samara Polytech scientists developed an energy-saving method for producing composites
Materials synthesized on its basis have a number of important advantages
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